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About Dactori

Dactori is a medical reference app that allows patients to stay up-to-date in the medical world. The app helps its users search for the necessary medical services from doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, laboratories, clinics, radiation centres, health centres, pharmacies and hospitals.
It is an application that makes it easy for you to search and book appointments with a selection of the best doctors from all medical specialties.

How the application works:

Choose a search method! There are several ways to search: You can search by name, region, and specialty or by using our map.
When you choose your doctor you will see his / her personal details including name, specialty, address, phone numbers, and location on the map. You will find ways to access the doctor's pages on social media sites. You can also read the doctor's assessment, patients’ ratings, and the recommendations of fellow doctors.

How to reserve:

After selecting your doctor, select the date and time that suits you the best. You will receive a reminder notification to confirm your booking and you will receive a reminder notice before the appointment.

Application Features:

The application does not only allow you to book appointments with doctor, but it also has other services. For example, we have services that show you the nearest doctor / medical service provider available in your area. The application also uses your location to determine if you are able to get home medical services as soon as possible. When you choose your doctor, the doctor is then given three minutes to accept the request. If the doctor does not respond within three minutes, the application automatically connects you to another doctor.
You can use our map that shows you all doctors in various specialties, pharmacies, health centres, laboratories and hospitals.
If a nearby doctor is not available in your area or if your doctor is unable to reach you, press SOS to get you to the nearest ambulance.

Doctors and medical service providers:

Dactori is a medical app that is not limited to doctors only, but all other medical service providers (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, laboratories, clinics, radiation centres, health centres, pharmacies and hospitals). You can join and enjoy the features offered by this brilliant application.

Some of the features of the application:
1) The application helps you expand your business and achieve greater outreach in the delivery of medical services.
2) The application can organize your bookings and manage your clinic in an easy and modern way.
3) The app displays your personal data, location on the map, and social media platforms.
4) It also provides doctors, nurses, and physiotherapist with new job opportunities through the service of home visits provided by the app.